That’s a question that Kimberly Strassel, a conservative columnist for the posted on Twitter. An interesting question certainly…

The other day I may have played my last day of golf for the season. Here in Michigan, snow is in the forecast for the coming days. Soon our course will be hard frozen and covered in snow. Another season over.

I usually would not write about my playing golf…

“Because of Covid” is a phrase we hear often. And with good reason.

Hundreds of thousands have died;

Million have been infected; and

Millions, too, are suffering increased stress and anxiety.

Millions are out of work;

Hundreds of thousands of retail and restaurant businesses have closed, never to reopen; and

John Wesley from

Maya Angelou

Corona Virus: How Consultants and Speakers Can Set the Right Example for Their Clients

— John…

Lou Gehrig Day

The Gracious Courage of Lou Gehrig

He was a man eleven months removed from the longest consecutive games played in a series in major league history. Yet as he shuffled, and with some assistance, to the microphone he seemed a pale shadow of his once commanding physique. …

Few — with perhaps the exceptions of George Washington upon the nation’s founding and Abraham Lincoln upon the nation’s possible dissolution — have tackled the office of the Presidency in such a crisis as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And he did so with boundless enthusiasm and energy.

What animated Roosevelt throughout…

John Baldoni

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach and author of 15 books. Top 50 leadership expert

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